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Product Description

Wireless Charger

Suitable for charging all Qi compatible smartphones. For example a Samsung Galaxy S-Series S6 and higher or an iPhone 8 and higher models.


The standard charging mode charges at 5 watt. Can charge up to 2 times faster in combination with a fast charger*). Including micro USB charging cable.

Qi Certified

If a wireless charger isn’t Qi-Certified, then you should avoid buying it or using it. Non Qi-Certified chargers can overheat or become damaged while wirelessly charging. It could also damage your phone in the progress.

Product Specifications
Specifications GROCHW10WB01
Qi certified yes
Input Power 5V / 2A
Output Power 5V / 1A
Maximum power 5W (10W with fast charger; not included)
Frequency 110 – 250kHz
Charging efficiency ≤75%
Charging distance ≤10mm
Overcharge protection yes
High temperature protection yes
Over circuit protection yes
Short circuit protection yes
In the Box
·       Wireless charger
·       Micro USB cable