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Cookies are small pieces of data that a website sends to your computer’s web browser as you navigate through the website. They have many different purposes, but mainly cookies allow you to easily navigate between pages, remember your preferences and possibly improve the user experience. These cookies may then be stored on your computer to identify your computer. The cookies used on this website may be set either by our website or by a third party website. In addition, these cookies may be “session cookies” or “persistent cookies”: a session cookie is a cookie that is automatically deleted when the user closes the browser, while a persistent cookie is a cookie that remains on the user’s terminal device until it has expired. expiration date reached. Cookies used on the Grixx website have a maximum lifespan of 12 months.

Use of cookies

We may use Personal Information collected from our cookies to identify user behavior and to provide content and offers based on your profile.
The performance cookies used on this website do not collect any Personal Data.

How to accept or reject cookies

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We recommend that you leave the cookies active. Please note that if you block, disable or otherwise refuse our cookies, some web pages may not display properly or you may not be able to use website services that require you to sign up.

If you object to cookies being placed on your computer, please disable them. To do this, follow the relevant instructions depending on your browser.

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